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The Perfect Bralette CROCHET PATTERN

Updated: Feb 18


                    Designed by Heather Cummings-For intermediate Crocheters

The pattern in this document is property of CozyCreativeCrochets. This pattern is for personal use only.  Distribution of this pattern in whole or in part is not allowed.  Please don’t forget to tag me in all your makes.

For help with my patterns contact me at


About 1 skein of yarn (around 200 yards)

I used Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn for the border but you can just substitute that by holding 2 stands of worsted weight yarn for the detail and Lily’s Sugar N Cream for the Cups but you can use any #4 worsted weight yarn

4.25mm Hook

Threading Needle


Stitch Marker

Size- This will fit a small A/B Cup,but is easily customizable to fit a larger bust.


 -Since everyone has different preferences when it comes to coverage, sizes are a suggestion only.

XS  (4.5"): 32A or smaller

S (5"): 32A, 34A, 32B

M (6"): 36A, 34B, 36B, 32C, 34C, 32D

L (7"): 36C, 32D, 34D, 36D, 32DD

XL (8"): 36D or larger



ST- Stitch   

SL ST- Slip Stitch   

HDC- Half Double Crochet    

REP- Repeat   

SC- Single Crochet  

CH SP- Chain Space     

RS- Right Side   

TR- Treble Crochet  

*DTR-For larger bust-Double Treble Crochet


Follow along with my You Tube Tutorial Here:

Top Triangles (make 2):

CH 9

SC into the 2nd chain from the hook.  1 SC in each CH to end of chain. Then work 3SC into the edge of the last ST. Mark the 2nd ST of the 3SC. Then continue working along the opposite side now. Turn.

CH 1.  1 SC into next ST and in each ST up to the marked 2nd ST from the group of 3SC., Place 3SC into the marked ST and mark the 2nd ST, Continue SC to the end.

*REP this process until you have reached your desired width to cover the breast. Once you are happy fasten off. Mine is a width of 6”

Change over to the Bernat Homemarker yarn or another color.

Row 1: RS facing up Now you are going to take one of your triangles and turn it upside down so the top tip is facing down. SL ST to the right-side corner to begin and CH. 1, Work 1 HDC in that same ST and in each of the next SC til you reach your stich marker at the top of your triangle. CH 2. Now take your second triangle and place it so the top tip of the triangle is facing down where your stitch marker was placed.* Attach both triangles by working 1 HDC in that stitch and continue to work 1 HDC into each of the next SC til you reach the CH 2 SP, work 3 HDC into the CH 2 SP, continue to work 1 HDC in each of the next SC til you reach the beginning CH 1.  SL ST to join. Turn.

For ROW 2, If you have a larger bust you can make a Double Treble Crochet, instead of a Treble Crochet

Row 2- You are now working down towards the middle of your top CH. 4, skip 1 HDC, TR in the next HDC. CH. 1, skip 1 HDC, TR in the next HDC. REP from til you are left with eight stitches at the end of your first cup. Not including the 3 HDC you made in the CH 2 SP Then count eight stitches up on your other cup and place a stitch marker.  This will create the gap.  TR in the ST where you just stitch marked on the 2nd cup. REP from* til you reach the next corner of your other triangle. Join with a SL ST to the beginning CH. 4. Do not fasten off.

Now you will create your Halter Straps

CH. 75 *You can fasten off now and create your next strap or to create a thicker strap you can SL ST all the way back down the chain into the original space and secure it with a SL ST. Then Fasten off.

To create your 2nd strap SL ST next to the other strap and CH. 75 and Rep the same process you did on the other strap.

Now you will create the strap that goes around your waist

Make a separate Chain 250, which will close the back.  Weave the chain in and out on each side between stitches. Lace from the bottom, skip one HDC and lace thru the next.  That’s it!! Not much to lace on this top because it’s a bikini top!

Thank you,

Heather XO

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