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The Grapevines Beanie CROCHET PATTERN

Updated: Feb 18


                    Designed by Heather Cummings-For Intermediate Crocheters                                              

The pattern in this document is property of CozyCreativeCrochets. This pattern is for personal use only.  Distribution of this pattern in whole or in part is not allowed.  Please make sure to tag me in all your makes!

For help with my patterns contact me at


Approx. 75 yards of Super Bulky Weight #6 yarn in different colors.  I used Yarn Bee True Colors

11.5 mm Hook

9mm Hook

Threading Needle


Measuring Tape

Stitch Markers

Size- One size fits all



FSC- Foundation Single Crochet      

SC- Single Crochet     

BLO- Back Loops Only


ST- Stitch       

SL ST- Slip Stitch   

DC- Double Crochet

REP- Repeat     

ST- Stitch       



“X” Stitch- Yo 2 times, pull up on loop in the same ST as the last leg of the previous X st, [yo and pull through 2 loops]; yo, skip 2 sts or bobble, pull up loop in next st; [yo and pull through 2 loops] 4 times; Ch 2, dc in the center of the X stitch.

Bobble- Yarn over, insert hook in stitch and pull through first two loops.  REP from in the same stitch until you are left with (5 loops on hook) yarn over and pull through all 5 loops.  CH 1 (The Bobble counts as 1 Stitch)

INSTRUCTIONS- Using your 11.5m Hook.

Round 1: FSC 30. SL ST to the other side. Make sure not to twist the chain.  30 FSC If you need a larger or smaller sized beanie just add or subtract in multiples of 3

Round 2:  CH 1. (CH 1 doesn’t count as a ST) BLO SC in each CH to end of chain. Join with SL ST. 30 SC

Round 3-4: CH 1. REP Round 2

Using your 9mm Hook

Making your “X” Stitches

Round 5: CH. 8, yo, pull up a loop in the 4th ch from the hook, yo, skip 2 sts or bobble, pull up a loop in the next ST, [yo & pull through 2 loops] 4 times.  To finish the “X” stitch see above under pattern stitches. REP the above “X” Stitch till the end of the round.  Join with a SL ST.   (10) X’s

Round 6: CH. 1 (This is part of your bobble) (SEE PATTERN STITCHES ABOVE) Bobble in the X stitch, SL ST in the space between the “X” Stitches (Not in the actual stitch but around it) REP from 9 times. Total of (10) Bobbles for all sizes                                                                                                                                                                

Round 7-11: REP Round 5 and 6 Ending on a round 5 

Round 12: CH 1, SC in each X Stitch. Join with a SL ST. (10) SC

Now before fastening off leave some yarn for weaving.

Go back and forth making the long tail into a drawing string.  Then push needle inside middle hole and flip hat inside out.  Pull tight to close hole.  Go through one part of the hole to other part of hole.  Tie it make a few knots, so it doesn’t come loose.  Run through a few stitches and fasten off.

Thank you,

Heather XO


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