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The Goddess Bralette Pattern


Designed by Heather Cummings-For Beginner Crocheters

The pattern in this document is property of CozyCreativeCrochets. This pattern is for personal use only.  Distribution of this pattern in whole or in part is not allowed.

For help with my patterns contact me at


About 1 skein of Worsted Weight yarn #4 (preferably cotton if you want it to be able to get wet and wear it to the beach) If not then any yarn is ok to use

4.25mm Hook

Threading Needle


Stitch Marker

Measuring Tape

Size- This will fit a small A Cup but is easily customizable to fit a larger bust.  Instructions are included for size A, B, C, D and DD



ST- Stitch   

Sl St- Slip Stitch    

DC- Double Crochet 

HDC- Half Double Crochet    

REP- Repeat



 -Since everyone has different preferences when it comes to coverage, cup sizes are a suggestion only.

(4.5"): 32A or smaller

(5"): 32A, 34A, 32B

(6"): 36A, 34B, 36B, 32C, 34C, 32D

(7"): 36C, 32D, 34D, 36D, 32DD

(8"): 36D or larger



Top Triangles (make 2):

A/B Cup- CH 13               C Cup- CH.18                      D Cup- CH.20                DD Cup- CH. 22       

HDC into the 2nd chain from the hook.  1 HDC in each CH to end of chain. Then work 3HDC into the edge of the last ST. Mark the 2nd ST of the 3HDC. Then continue working along the opposite side now. Turn.

CH 1.  1 HDC into next ST and in each ST up to the marked 2nd ST from the group of 3HDC., Place 3HDC into the marked ST and mark the 2nd ST, Continue HDC to the end.

*REP this process until you have reached your desired width to cover the breast. Once you are happy fasten off. Mine is a width of 5”

BODY BAND- This is a band that you will attach later on to the 2 triangles.

XS/S – CH. 58            M/L-CH.65                   XL- CH.79                          

Row 1- 1 DC in 2nd CH from the hook. 1 DC in each CH to end of CH. Turn. 57 DC (64,78) sts.

Row 2- CH 2. 1 DC in the next 2 DC, CH 2, Skip 2 DC, 1 DC in the next 5 DC, REP from till you reach the end. Turn. Should end on 3 DC not 5

Row 3- CH 4. 4 DC in CH 2 SP, CH 2, 4 DC in the same SP, CH 1, REP from till you reach the end. To complete the row CH 1, 1 DC in the last ST. Turn.

Row 4- CH 4. 4 DC in CH 2 SP, CH 2, 4 DC in the same SP, CH 2, REP from till you reach the end.  To complete the row CH 1, 1 DC in the last ST. Fasten offJust keep repeating this row if you want a longer length.

Piecing Together To start you need to put a stitch marker in the middle of the body band.  Then put two more stitch markers counting three chains out on each side of the middle stitch marker.   If you want a smaller gap in the middle of your triangles count out two chains on each side of the middle stitch marker. This is where you will be placing the inside corners of your triangles on those two stitch markers. Also, make sure you have the same amount of stitches left on each side of the band after as you place your triangles*

Take your first triangle piece and place it so the inside corner of the triangle is centered on the body band where you placed your stitch marker in the 3rd chain from the middle stitch marker. Using your yarn needle and yarn, working from the wrong side of your top stitch along neatly using whatever method of sewing stitch you prefer. I used the whip stitch method. Take your 2nd triangle and again starting at the 3rd stitch marker from the center stitch marker, sew along the band.

CREATING THE SIDE OF THE BANDThis is the band that will be going around your waistAdjust it as needed SL ST to the bottom right side of the top.

Row 1- CH 1. 1 HDC in each ST till you reach the end of the band. Turn. 7 HDC

Row 2-10- REP row 1. Fasten off.


SL St to the top of the band on the left side.

Row 1- CH 1. 1 HDC in each ST til you reach the end of the band. Turn. 7 HDC

Row 2-10- REP row 1. Fasten off.


SL ST to the top of the triangle CH 80. Turn SL ST all the way back down the chain into the original space and secure it with a SL ST. Fasten off. REP this process for the other strap.

Adjustable Tie Back

Make a separate Chain 200, which will close the back.  Weave the chain in and out on each side between stitches.

You can leave as is or have some fun with it and add fringe to the bottom of your top!!!!!!!!


Thank you,

Heather XO






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