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Updated: Apr 15

I Created this blog to give you access to some of my crochet patterns for ONLY $4.99 a month!

I am the momma to a handsome 9-year-old boy Stephen and a beautiful 5-year-old girl Emma.  I have a passion for art. After high school I went to college and studied graphic design. I ended up working in a bank for over 11 years, but my passion was always to create and design. After giving birth to my beautiful baby boy, I fractured my back, and I pretty much was bed ridden. It was then I decided I needed to do what I love, which is to crochet. I started my crochet business back in 2016 by making pieces for my friends and family and then eventually began writing my own patterns for others to create on their own! I am always trying to design accessories and clothing that I have not seen before, and I take my time to ensure they meet my high-quality standards. I love it when people take pictures of themselves wearing my pieces that I either made by hand or designed by them using my patterns. It is the best feeling! I currently have over 200 patterns to choose from!  This is my passion and I hope to share many more of my creations with you, Thanks for visiting my blog!

What crochet patterns of mine would you like to make??

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1 Comment

i have bought a quite ew of your patterns some i have yet still to make, the ones i have made i absolutly love, the fit has always turned out perfect for myself and family members i have made them for. loving the extra patterns on the blog as there are a couple i haven't purchased you have posted which is fantastic which i will look forward to trying out like the side split dress.

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