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The Oversized Kerchief Cowl Pattern

Updated: Feb 18

The pattern in this document is property of CozyCreativeCrochets. This pattern is for personal use only. Distribution of this pattern in whole or in part is not allowed. Please make sure to tag me in all your makes. For help with my patterns contact me at

Materials Approx. 1 Skein of yarn Use any Bulky Weight yarn #5 or Super Bulky Weight Yarn #6

16mm Hook (Q Hook) Threading Needle Scissor

Measuring Tape

Size- This will fit the Average Woman Abbreviations- CH-Chain

ST- Stitch

Sl St- Slip Stitch

DC- Double Crochet FPDC- Front post double crochet

BPDC-Back post double crochet

SC-Single Crochet REP- Repeat

Pattern Stitches- Shell- 3 Double Crochet in space indicated

Corner- Shell, chain 1, shell in chain 1 space.

INSTRUCTIONS The Body CH 4. SL ST in the first chain to form a circle. Round 1: Chain 3, make 3DC in the ring, CH 1, then 4 more DC. CH 3. Turn. Round 2: Make 3DC INBETWEEN the 1st and 2nd DC of the previous row. Skip 3DC, work a corner in your CH 1 space, SKIP NEXT 3 DC, make 4 DC in the space BETWEEN the 3rd and 4th DC. CH 3 and turn.

ROUND 3: Make 3 DC in the space between 1st and 2nd stitches, Skip 3DC, make a shell in the space between DC’s, skip 3DC, work a corner (shell, CH 1,shell) in your CH-1 space. Skip next 3DC, shell in space between DC, skip next 3DC, shell + 1 DC in same space. CH 3 and Turn. Round 4: Skipping 1st DC, shell in space between DC. Work (*skip next shell, make shell in next space between shells*) until you reach the CH 1 space, make a corner, then REP from *to* until you get to the last +1 group.Shell in between this andthe last DC + 1 DC in same space. CH 3 and turn.

You will now see a pattern forming, where the beginning of each round starts with a group of 4 DC, and you make familiar groups of 3 DC as in a basic granny square. You will need to do these two more times. Do not fasten off.

The Collar CH. 1 Row 1: 1 SC in each ST to end of chain. 26 SC. Evenly space them across.Turn.

Row 2: Ch 2. 1 DC in each SC. Turn. 26 DC. Ch 2 doesn’tcount as a stitch. Row 3: Ch 2. FPDC in the 1st DC. BPDC in the next *REP til you get to the end of the row. DC in the top of CH 2. 13 FPDC and 12 BPDC. Turn. Row 4: Ch 2. BPDC in the 1st DC. FPDC in the next *REP til you get to the end of the row. DC in the top of CH 2. 13 BPDC and 12 FPDC. Turn. Row 5: *REP Row 3 FOR A CLOSED COLLAR ADD CH 3 to row 1 and Join with a SL ST and continue to row 2 but you will now be working in the round. Fasten off. Weave in all ends.

Then cut off a 20” strand of yarn to close up the back of the collar. Starting from the bottom of the collar weave in and out on each side between stitches so that it resembles laces on a running shoe. When you reach the top make a bow tie.

You can leave the bandana as is or have some fun with it and add some fringe. Make it your own!!

Thank you, Heather XO

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